Articles about Tibetan Cranial

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"My involvement with this work began as the result of a severe movement disorder that occurred four years ago. My symptoms began as small, almost imperceptible muscle spasms and rapidly progressed in severity. I sought treatment at hospitals in both Illinois and Minnesota, but despite best efforts, my condition resisted both treatment and diagnosis. I was referred to toxicologists in Colorado, but was unsuccessful in gaining admission. When I first met Shar Lee, it was for conventional massage, as muscle cramps were one of the side effects of the spasms. At this point, having exhausted conventional medical avenues, I was very willing to proceed when told about Tibetan Cranial™. The effect of the first session was an immediate cessation of my symptoms. Several subsequent sessions were required, but the result was a full recovery in this instance and in two subsequent remissions. It has been three years since the last occurrence. In that time, I have relocated to Longmont, Colorado and have begun studying with Shar. My hope is that through this work, I may be of service to others, as others have been to me."


- John E. Anderson