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If you feel drawn to this work and you can make room in your life for this program, please read the about the Apprentice program and Apprenticeship requirements, and then complete the contact form below. A Practitioner will get in touch with you to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process of becoming an Apprentice.

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"My involvement with this work began as the result of a severe movement disorder that occurred four years ago. My symptoms began as small, almost imperceptible muscle spasms and rapidly progressed in severity. I sought treatment at hospitals in both Illinois and Minnesota, but despite best efforts, my condition resisted both treatment and diagnosis. I was referred to toxicologists in Colorado, but was unsuccessful in gaining admission. When I first met Shar Lee, it was for conventional massage, as muscle cramps were one of the side effects of the spasms. At this point, having exhausted conventional medical avenues, I was very willing to proceed when told about Tibetan Cranial™. The effect of the first session was an immediate cessation of my symptoms. Several subsequent sessions were required, but the result was a full recovery in this instance and in two subsequent remissions. It has been three years since the last occurrence. In that time, I have relocated to Longmont, Colorado and have begun studying with Shar. My hope is that through this work, I may be of service to others, as others have been to me."


- John E. Anderson