Who Can Benefit from TC?

Unlike many other systems, Tibetan Cranial does not focus on a specific disease or diagnosis. Instead, it helps restore the person’s own ability to regain balance and works holistically on all of the spheres of the Being. For this reason, people have reported relief from a wide variety of symptoms.

Conditions where many people have reported relief include headaches; migraines; back and neck pain; whiplash; head injury; concussion; traumatic brain injury (TBI); stress-related conditions; anxiety; depression; Multiple Sclerosis; Parkinson’s; trigeminal neuralgia; tremors; seizures; other nervous system disorders; TMJ pain and other jaw-related issues; tinnitus / ringing of the ears; sleep disorders; sinus problems; hormone imbalances; autism; chronic pain; connective tissue disorders; and more. Others have reported gaining more clarity of thought, insight into past traumas, and increased ability to work with emotional challenges.*

Even those without specific ailments or any sense of imbalance can benefit. As one example, a healthy, young musician who experienced TC reported that he heard new music during the session and went home to work on the composition. An accomplished yogi reported that he felt new energy pathways open during a TC session, moving him further along his spiritual path. Indeed, who would not benefit from more balance and integration of body, mind, and spirit?

*  Please note: no scientific studies have been performed to evaluate the effects of Tibetan Cranial. The information provided here is anecdotal, based on statements from people who have received Tibetan Cranial. We are not making any medical or scientific claims regarding Tibetan Cranial.

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"While visiting Boulder, CO I happened upon Tibetan Cranial. After decades of suffering debilitating pain, I sought many different treatments and managed to heal a lot of the pain issues in the body, but could not shake the intense & frequent migraines. After my first TC session, I had absolutely no pain anywhere! I hadn't experienced that in over 20 years. It lasted a couple of days then I had another session. Again, no pain. After returning home, I decided to fly to Colorado once a month for 2-3 sessions and found that the length of pain free time got longer and longer. Eventually I was healed of pain entirely. This lasted 3 years, until I was injured again in an accident. I'm now looking for a TC practitioner n the LA area. Hands down the best modality I've ever experienced! Thank you to all who offer this powerful gift to the world."

Kris Conners, Los Angeles, CA