Apprentices – US


Faan Tone Liu | 720-933-5419 |

Fort Collins
Brian Johansen | 808-446-2362 |

Maureen Marty | 303-775-8068 |

Wheat Ridge
Amy Ito | 303-886-5734 | |


Delaine Edwards | 850-582-5318 |


Sally Klemm | 808 382-8450 |

Kailua Kona
Nykol West | 808-322-0048 |


Chicago, Evanston, Skokie, Morton Grove
Linda A. Pinkus | 847-470-0047 | |


Iowa City
Susannah Neal | 319-519-2622 |

New Mexico

Santa Fe
Candace Reher | 505-989-9817 |

New York

Rocco Bonavita, LAc | 917-723-8278 |


Renie Vasquez | 512-560-2211 |


Loni Wise | 360-903-6152 |

Washington, D.C.

Ajulu Oluka | 202-679-0386 |


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"When I first asked Shar Lee to teach the techniques of Tibetan Cranial™ work, I had two thoughts:
  1. My Granddaughter, Zoe, has cystic fibrosis and I should learn as much as possible about all possible healing modalities.
  2. Studying with Shar is my greatest pleasure. Whatever she would wish to teach, I would want to learn.
I am NOT a massage therapist, I am a yoga teacher; I've never even had a massage. What an odd subject to study. The first class was almost all experienced massage therapists. I felt greatly out of place as they discussed techniques that were foreign to me. The work, however, felt familiar. I could almost feel my hands move on their own. I have studied with Shar now for three years. I have practiced Tibetan Cranial™ work on my friends and family. The results are amazing. Migraine headaches dissolve. Hip pain is alleviated. One of my friends has stopped clenching her jaw and grinding her teeth. I don't for a moment think that I did this. This is the work. Tibetan Cranial is ancient, powerful, simple and has far reaching consequences. Zoe is only four years old. I have done a little work on her - it's hard to get her to lie still. I have great hope for her future and faith that I was led to this work with a purpose. Now we must teach others. This technique is too valuable to lose."

- Suzanne Matthews, Littleton, CO