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"Third time is a charm!?! This was true for me and orthodontics, with the help of the Tibetan Cranial™ (TC) work. The blessing of my grandmother’s narrow British palate has precipitated years of 'jacking out' the upper palate with expanders by the orthodontics community. This resulted in severe pain and pressure, which lead to headaches. Also, because my palate was not properly aligned, the treatment progressed slowly. Thankfully, I came upon TC work. I carefully scheduled TC appointments to coincide with the orthodontics, before the orthodontic work could cause painful swelling. The TC work let the cranial bones realign and begin to create the space for the targeted shifts. There was even palate work I could release myself between visits. Finally, I could have orthodontia without waiting weeks for the pain to dissipate. Now that the expander and braces are off I rarely go out of my healthy cranial alignment. TC is now merely a good health check-up and not rescue. Because of the difference this work made for my family and I, I began to study it with Shar Lee. A year later my husband got whiplash during a ski trip. It was incredible to see the shortened healing process that TC work supported. He did not even miss the rest of the ski season! It is always a pleasure to see people begin to have relief from migraines, TMJ, concussions, and other stresses to their body that plays out on the cranial bones."

- Debbie Feyh, Boulder, CO